Posting to Reddit

Concept #1 – We’re not promoting, yet

We know you want to promote your website or blog post, or some other piece of content that is related to your brand, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Reddit has strict guidelines against submitting too much self-promotional content and a promotional post at this stage will likely only ruin the reputation you have built so far. Do yourself a favor and make the first post all about the community and what they want.

Concept #2 – Listen to your subreddits

In the last lesson we talked about analyzing the top posts in your chosen subreddit. Now it is time to look at the “hot” posts or the front page of your subreddit to see what the community is currently interested in. What questions are people asking? What problems do they have? What do they like? What makes them laugh? Listen carefully and find (or create) content that shows you are listening.

Concept #3 – Pay attention to industry news

Redditors want to stay up to date with industry news. Check google, twitter and other social media for news articles and videos that are related to your targeted subreddit. Redditors will award you with karma and appreciation for staying on top of the latest in your niche. Before you submit a link to subreddit, make sure to check if it has already been shared by performing a “URL search” in the subreddit.

Note the prefix “url:” that is included in the search. This search will find any submissions on Reddit that link to Just make sure you are searching the exact URL of the content you want to post.

Concept #4 – Submit at the right time

From personal experience and based on analysis done by others, the best time to submit a post to Reddit is at9:00am Eastern Time. That being said, this can change from subreddit to subreddit.

To find out what time the top posts from your chosen subreddit are posted, use the Later for Reddit Analysis Tool –