1.1. What is RunCPA?

RunCPA is the first and #1 worldwide Blockchain advertising network which connects business owners (advertisers) and traffic owners (publishers) and uses the most effective cost-per-action (CPA) reward mechanism with instant payouts in Bitcoin. Among other features, RunCPA also uses proprietary "Skynet a.i." anti-fraud mechanism to clear traffic and prevent all kinds of fraudulent activities. All these features allow RunCPA to be the top level, unique CPA network with highest payouts for publishers and top quality traffic for advertisers.

1.2. What is CPA Marketing?

CPA means "Cost Per Action". It is a type of advertisement when an advertiser pays only for specific, useful actions performed by the memebers of the target audience. An example of a useful action can be a sign-up, or a product purchase.

When a client comes to an advertiser’s website via webmaster’s referral link and performs a useful action there, the automated system records the event and the respective webmaster gets their reward.

1.3. What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the underlying technology for all cryptocurrencies, which allows to create, verify and store transactions in a decentralized way. Due to the distributed nature of how Blockchain processes transactions, an incredible level of anonymity and reliability can be reached.

In a Blockchain-based system nobody can freeze your assets or cancel/modify transactions, because there is no emission center and all operations are processed by a distributed network.

1.4. What is Skynet a.i.?

Skynet is a subsystem of RunCPA which evaluates quality and profitability of traffic for business owners. Skynet provides business owners with an ability to detect the most profitable traffic sources and cut off fraudulent traffic.

It also grants improved conditions for webmasters who provide high-quality traffic by ranking them highly on a special scale.

1.5. Does RunCPA only operate in the US, or do you have international traffic as well? Can I join RunCPA if I reside outside of the US?

RunCPA works with traffic from all over the world. Your geographic location does not affect your ability to join RunCPA.

1.6. Do I have to sign up for a Bitcoin wallet in order to use RunCPA?

Since at the moment all the payments in the system are made in bitcoins, you will need a Bitcoin wallet either to deposit, or to withdraw funds.

2.1. How do I join RunCPA as an Advertiser?

In order to register as an advertiser, go to our home page runcpa.com and click «Sign up» at the top of the page, then click “Sign up as business”, fill a brief sign-up form, and confirm your email address (we will send you an automatic confirmation email).

2.2. Are there any fees to join RunCPA as an Advertiser?

Joining RunCPA does not require any fees from you.

2.3. How to top up my balance?

In order to top up your balance, go to “My Account” menu, then switch to Finance tab. There you will see your personal BTC deposit address. Transfer the desired amount to that address, and it will be credited to your account in RunCPA.

2.4. What conversion type should I use in my offer?

The following conversion types are available in RunCPA:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) – you pay for each registration,
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) – you pay for each custom useful action,
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale) – you pay for each sale,
  • RS (Revenue Share) – you share a certain part of revenue with webmasters who provide you with clients.

You can use any combinations of these conversion types, setting specific rewards for any of them at your discretion. Any conversion types can also be used for analytical purposes: just set the reward at 0 for such conversions: you will not be charged for them, and the statistics will still go into the analytical report. CPL + RS is an example of a good combination: in this case you will see a real conversion of sales leads into profit.

3.1. How do I join RunCPA as a Publisher?

In order to register as an advertiser, go to our home page runcpa.com and click «Sign up» at the top of the page, fill a brief sign-up form, then click “Sign up as traffic owner”, and confirm your email address (we will send you an automatic confirmation email).

3.2. Where can I find my unique offer link?

Go to the offers menu, open the desired offer, then click «Start earning money». As soon as the system loads, it will give you a unique link. If the offer is already taken, you just have to open it, and you will find the link in the «Use referral link below for your advertisements» block at the top.

3.3. What traffic types are allowed?

We accept all traffic types except fraudulent and incentivized traffic.