RS 30% : CITCOIN : Exchange (BR)

Citcoin has a compensation program for customers who want to disclose our system. Within your profile on our dashboard you can locate your referral link. Using this link to advertise our brokerage in your social networks and messaging applications, our system identifies when new customer registers through your appointment and starts to commission you for the fees charged in your guest's purchase transactions.

The fees collected for the purchase of your guests will be credited to your balance in the proportion of 50%. In practice, if one of you registered with the system and operating the purchase of 1BTC, our system will collect 0.0035BTC (0.35% maker, for example) and will commission you 50% of that amount, ie 0.00175BTC will be credited immediately in your account For the complete transparency of our system, we provide an extract of commissions in our panel dashboard, where you will have access to the operations of your nominees (with their names changed in the system, in compliance with our privacy policy) and their respective commissioning .

The commissioning will be active for six months after registering in our system and will be credited to your balance every time and soon after the execution of a purchase made by your guest. After the six-month period the commissioning related to the guest will be removed, likewise guests registered less than six months will have their commissioning passed on to you following the presented calculation.

This is our way of benefiting our customers who want to spread our system and help us become more liquid and liquid Cryptomances brokerage.

Payout: 30 % RS 

Geos include: Brazil

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Disallowed traffic: Motivated traffic, contextual for the brand, spam mailing, fraud

Caps: no

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