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Short description and advantages for affiliates

Payout: CPL $8

Conversion flow:new user confirmed registration

Geos include : WW

Geos exclude: USA , India, Bangladesh, Africa ( expt.South Africa),Cambodia

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Disallowed traffic: n/a

Toral leads cap: 250


Исходные файлы:


WHIRL is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.


The solution is designed for global non-profit and charitable organizations. WHIRL participants will only be able to start a crowdfunding campaign after they have donated to other users. WHIRL backers can earn karma points that will allow them to run their own fundraising campaigns. WHIRL will limit the number of campaigns that can be launched at once. Active campaigns are supposed to be selected by a transparent queue. WHIRL will support both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The team is issuing an ERC20 WRL token. The developers might replace Et

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