CPA up to $700 : TradeFred : Trading

Here’s the highest EPC offer yet to be launched!

With such a high payout, localized creative and an average conversion rate of 18% at the backend this offer is easily one of the most profitable we’ve came across.

Payout: up to $700 depending on geo

Tier 1 - $700

Tier 2 - $360

Tier 3 - $240

Rest - $200

Conversion flow: First Time Deposit (min - $250, no chargebacks) 

Geos include: multi geo

Geos exclude: Belgium, France, Japan, New Zealand

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile 

Disallowed traffic: incentive, No Fraud

Hold period: 14 days

Payment terms: NET 14

Tier 1:

Australia , Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Tier 2:

Bahrain, Hong Kong, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Tier 3 :

Uruguay , Venezuela, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Philippines, Andorra, Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, Chile, Brazil, Dominican, Republic, Mexico

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