Sportsbet is the home of Bitcoin sports betting online with thousands of odds, offers and outstanding options for bettors of all persuasions. 

BTC betting on all major sports, including: soccer, tennis, boxing, basketball and many more.
Get the best odds on all major sporting events.
Wager as much as 100 BTC on any event.
Instant in-play bets via your desktop and mobile device.
On going betting offers.

Bet Whenever You Want, However You Want.

Payout: 30% revenue share form Net Game Revenue 

Your Profit = (Bets - Wins - Bonuses - Network fee of 20%) * (RS 30%)

*Sportsbet has negative carryover. However, it is very unlikely this will be a long-term event.

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Disallowed traffic: incentive, spam, fraud, younger than 18

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