$0.1 CPL + 50% RS: YABTCL : Casino

Reward to our affiliates:

Lifetime revenue share: 40% from house edge + 10% bonus for green zone.

Per verified e-mail: $0.05 + bonus $0.05 for green zone (only for trusted WebMasters).

Advantages to affiliates:

Advantages to clients:

Description of YABTCL:

Link - https://yabtcl.com/

YABTCL is the most complete provably fair lottery system available so far.  In other words, it’s very simple lottery based on the algorithm “provably fair”.  It’s an open source algorithm for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator.

This lottery is exciting and the website is totally clear and simple!

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How revenue share is counted: - revenue share = (total bet in a game) x (house edge of that game) x 40% - this means if a player bet a total of 0.01 in a game where the house edge is 1% ht erevenue share amount will be 0.01*0.01*0.4 = 0.00004000

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