RS 24% : FortuneCoins : Casino

FortuneCoins is a Bitcoin online casino which is looking for people who are interested earning money on gambling.

Advantages to affiliates:

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Revenue Share 24%

  • Your profit doesn’t depend on players' wins or loses;

  • 5% house edge allows partner to earn more;

  • High percentage reward for the traffic;

  • Possibility to work in a wide Bitcoin-community;

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Revenue Share;

  • Highly convertible banners;

  • 45  days cookies LTV for players who come with your link;

  • Casino has a handy and understandable interface that facilitates to the maximum conversion.

  • All traffic sources are accepted

  • Strong community of webmasters

  • Fully anonymous network

  • Instant payouts

Advantages to clients:

  • For new players we give 300% bonus with x30 rollover

  • We also give 50% bonus for every additional deposit with x30 rollover

  • Web-site localization (multiple languages)

  • Extremely high bonuses for registration, deposits and etc.

  • More than 70 popular and exclusive games with high payout ratio

  • Instant account replenishment

  • Support on a twenty-four hour basis

  • Stable mobile and desktop version

  • Strong security system

Payout: Lifetime Revenue Share - 24%

Note: Lifetime revenue share is charged for every game round from every player.

How revenue share is calculated:

revenue share = (total bet in a game) x (house edge of that game) x 24%. It means if a player bets 0.01 in a game where the house edge is 5%, so the revenue share amount will be 0.01*0.05*0.24 = 0.00012

Allowed traffic:

Web sites

Teaser/banner AD

Social networks: targeted AD

Social networks: publics, games, applications


Mobile traffic


Context AD

Disallowed traffic:

Brand Context AD


Incent traffic