RS 20% : MinerBooking : Mining (EU)

!!! The advertiser does not accept Russian speaking traffic till further notification !!!

MinerBOOKING is your solution to help you start mining crypto coins without any experience and technical knowledge required! Investing in your own mining set-up can set you back thousands, and you aren’t guaranteed to mine any coins at all.

Trust our high-tech equipment and years of experience to mine the coins you need to be at the forefront of the currency revolution! Stay ahead of the competition and get started today! After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll mine your first Litecoins, Bitcoin, Dash, or another cryptocurrency!

Payout: 20% RS

Conversion flow: Revenue Share 20% from the investment made. Age 18+

Geos include: Switzerland, Germany, Italy,  Spain, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan

South Africa, Lithuania, Sweden, Ireland ,Singapore, Norway, UAE - English Speakers only

Geos exclude: Russia

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Allowed traffic:

Context AD

Brand Context AD

Teaser/banner AD

Social networks: targeted AD

Social networks: publics, games, applications


Mobile traffic

Disallowed traffic:



Incent traffic

Caps: no