CPA $500: U-Crypto Education: Personal crypto education

U-Crypto is an innovative crypto trading platform that provides personal training sessions for each new client and a huge variety of welcome offers.
Depending on the account type one can get a personal account manager who assists with developing an effective trading strategy based on your risk tolerance and profit expectations.
Moreover, U-Crypto clients receive all the latest updates on cryptocurrency news and trends. The signals on profitable deals are available via SMS and desktop.

Payout: $500

Conversion flow: First Time Deposit (min - $250, no chargebacks)

Geos include: New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Allowed traffic: all types

Disallowed traffic: incentive, push traffic

Hold period: NET10

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