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Reward to our affiliates: 16% Revenue Share (from token sales)


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What is LITRA?

Link - https://litra.site

We are building a new health economy centered around the consumer, focused on transparency and convenience. Build decentralized applications that Simply Work. Executable on mobile devices, compatible with major existing EHR systems.

Designed with stability, modularity and healthcare interoperability in mind, Litra is the foremost toolkit for building trusted decentralized healthcare applications



We want you to have easy, secure access to your health records - On your mobile phone or on your computer. In the same way that you can easily check the weather or the status of your flight, your health records should be accessible to you and your designated healthcare providers. The US healthcare market is a $5.5 Trillion Dollar industry - You deserve better.



Pharmaceutical industry advertising:

Right now $28 billion is being spent annually by pharmaceutical companies to reach physicians and healthcare institution to use their products. It breaks down to $1.9 billion online spending, $6.2 billion offline spending, and $20 billion on direct relations (seminars, pharmaceutical representatives, plus other marketing techniques)

With our blockchain we will dominate that spending market, by offering pharmaceutical new way to reach physicians, and provide physicians better way to access new information about drugs, prices, and their patient co-pay.

As the blockchain adopting increase over next 3 years, we propose opening online personalize drug store, as our end user enjoy free accessing to their health record, they will have the advantages to know best product that suit them.


Detailed review:

Presale of LITRA LTA coins started August 14st with a limited supply allotted for early adopters with 1.25 LTA per 1 USD. This is 25% the amount of ATL per 1 USD slated for the August 30th ICO. LITRA will launch a secure, lower cost, more efficient and profitable solution for the $5.5 trillion US Healthcare market. 

Starting in Sep 25, 2017, LITRA opening EHR early access signup with aim to be distribute 1 Coin per 1 Health record access, Litra coin to be most adapted coin in the

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