URAllowance ICO RS 30%

Join the evolution of family. URAllowance is a family based cryptocurrency platform designed to enhance the family system. URAllowance empowers each family with their very own set of Family Smart Contracts, bringing the family closer together. Get your family involved today to bring back old school responsibilities and instill an old school sense of family pride. URAllowance is a 2-sided, cryptocurrency based platform powered by the URAllowance Token (URA). One side is for parents and one side is for kids. Joining in on the fun is as simple as downloading the app.

Payouts: RS 30%

Geos include: WW (w/o US)

Geos exclude: US 

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

OS: Android/IOS/

Allowed traffic:

Context AD

Brand Context AD

Teaser/banner AD

Social networks: targeted AD

Social networks: publics, games, applications


Mobile traffic


Disallowed traffic:


Incent traffic