7% RS : BMChain : ICO (till 10 October 2017!)

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Reward to our affiliates: 7% Revenue Share (from token sales)


Advantages to affiliates:


Advantages to clients (investors):


What is BMChain ICO?

Website - https://bmchain.io/en

White paper - https://bmchain.io/download/BMCHAIN_Whitepaper_en.pdf


Roadmap Of BM Chain

To Build A Reputable Digital Currency Platform

One of the main targets of BM chain is to build a reputable digital currency platform where users can invest without worrying that their money will be lost. Every transaction that will be conducted on this platform will be recorded for the purposes of transparency and accountability.

Creating Of An API

BM Chain will create an API that will allow users to develop business projections on the blockchain even if they don’t have sufficient knowledge about this technology.

Development Of Blockchain Solution

BM Chain will design a blockchain solution designed for business, thus allowing investors to improve their profitability.

Development Of Global Payment System

The company will develop an efficient, secure, and fast global payment system on its industrial blockchain. In addition to that, the payment system will allow sellers to do free transactions.

Search Through Search Engine Catalogs

BM Chain will create a platform that will enable users to search via search engine and catalogs of contractors according to the level of their reputation as opposed to their marketing skills or their advertising budget. This is very important because it allows users to get reliable and efficient contractors.

Social Engagement

Each member of the community will actually be an investor. That is why BM Chain will create a platform that will allows social engagement were investors will get to interact, share, comment, and assess each other.

Purchase Of BM Products

In addition to being an investor and being able to transact worldwide, you will also get the chance to buy quality and unique BM products at very competitive prices.

Exchange Of Contact

Users will be able to interact with each other and even exchange contacts. This is very important because it allows investors to form a network that will give them an upper hand in the competitive business industry.

Answers To Questions

BM chain has created a platform that allows investors to ask experts questions whenever they want to. Investors can also interact and get advice from each other.

Benefits Of BM Chain For Investors

BM Chain Final Words

If you are looking for a platform that has created an easy to use and secure digital currency interface, then BM Chain is definitely one of the best options to choose.

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