CPA $10: Alter Capital: Trading Tool

Alter capital s users with a personal consulting service for a profitable  trading without asking for investment or charging any payments. This is a unique offer on the crypto market, which we've decided to make public after testing and getting impressive results in private mode.

is fund manager that in investment. We actively manage a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than fifty different types of these digital tokens. There is a great variety of , each developed for different purposes, based on different fundamentals. Alter Capital thoroughly analyses those fundamentals and invests in that have a promising value proposition, providing utility to its users.

Platform benefits:

  • A team of investment professionals and analysts at Alter Capital picked out the list of highest profiting digital assets, which show profit trends higher than any other one of the top 15 at a given period.
  • Via monthly diversification, we not only increase ratio of a portfolio a minimum of 40 also decrease the chances of its drawdown till 15% maximum.
  • The fund has also developed an algorithm using machine learning, enabling investors to avoid portfolio drawbacks due to the market volatility.

Payout: $10

Conversion flow: Registration + phone confirmation (will be displayed as CPA)

: AU, UK, US, CA, NZ

NO, SE, DK, CH, DE - only English speaking audience

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile

Disallowed traffic:

Daily conversion cap: 30 leads

Hold period: 7

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