CPA $750 : The Bitcoin Code (NO/FI/SE/DK) : Trading

The latest craze in the online financial trading industry today is Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. In addition to the introduction of cryptocurrency binary options, even an average trader can now get in on the action. Recognizing the potential growth in this segment of the online trading industry, the creator of The Bitcoin Code Steve McKay has come up with the automated trading software that is specifically geared toward trading Bitcoin. The software uses technical indicators to generate alerts to profitable trading opportunities. With the predictive accuracy of more than 90%, users of The Bitcoin Code stand to recoup their investments within the shortest possible time. The Bitcoin Code is provided free of charge and all the trader has to do is to sign up and open a live trading account with one of the recommended brokers that support this app on their trading platforms. With the current popularity of cryptocurrency trading, this app is predicted to gather a lot of interest from cryptocurrency traders. 

Payout: 750 USD

Conversion flow: First Time Deposit (min - $250, no chargebacks) 

Geos includeNO/FI/SE/DK

Type of traffic: Desktop/Mobile 

Disallowed traffic: incentive, No Fraud!!

Hold period: 7 days

Payment terms: NET 7

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