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Attracting and Monetizing Organic Traffic in Crypto

Attracting and Monetizing Organic Traffic in Crypto

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If you’re good at building online audiences, producing quality content and know your way around Search Engine Optimization – you will be making good money in crypto affiliate marketing. The only question left to ask yourself is – will you be there before or after your competitors?

But how do you make that money, where do you start and why even bother with the cryptocurrency vertical – isn’t it like… dead? Well, not like we’re complaining and stuff, but the fact we have to start every article by solving the ‘CryptosDead’ murder case is getting old.

Just riddle us this:

  • Compared to any mainstream vertical, how much more expansive are display ads in crypto? 2 times? 5 times? Maybe 10 times?
  • And what’s the difficulty multiplier for promoting crypto-related content online? Is it 2, 5 or even 10 times more hardcore? Wait… is there a multiplier?

Well, you get the point, sorry for shoving the crypto’s vital signs in your face like that. Again. Now that we’ve put that behind us, let’s get down to the one thing we all like the most – making them affiliate marketing money, big time.

Guide to Thiis Guide

  1. First, we’ll flip through the basics of monetizing your online audiences – be it a web-site, blog or even a social media page;
  2. Then, we will (hopefully) convice you that working with the crypto vertical has a 10 to 15 times better payday. Oh, an we’ll also see how NOT-DEAD the crypto vertical is;
  3. Next – a few tips on how to transition your existing media platform to crypto in the smoothest way possible. Or how to start from scratch, even if you don’t have any platform or audience yet.
  4. Finally, once you’re 100% positive you should give this whole thing a go, I’ll give you some solid boss-hacks that will help you multiply your audience (and your income) without breaking much sweat.

Let’s go then!

Crypto Affiliate Marketing 101

Odds are, you’re more than familiar with the ‘Affiliate Marketing’ term. And the basic mechanics are not that different for crypto affiliate marketing – it’s still happening on the same planet and all. Except, compared to mainstream verticals, here you will be paid 15 times more. But who’s keeping count, right?

The ‘Organic Mechanics’ of Affiliate Marketing

So, supposedly, as an existing or just aspiring affiliate marketer you:

  • own or even just manage one or more web-sites;
  • or have a loyal online audience – be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even a YouTube channel;

And one day you realize you can actually monetize your online audience and earn actual money for promoting various products and services to your viewers, visitors and followers.

So basically, your road-to-riches-business model is all about:

  1. stacking up organic traffic (getting visistors for free)
  2. then converting it to paid traffic (showing third-party ads to your visitors)

The more visitors you get, the more you convert – the more money you make. So the backbone of your business is knowing how to attract and engage people with your content. See where I’m taking this?

Why Bother?

So why should you forget the mainstream verticals like old news and rush to crypto? I’m glad you fucking asked!

Surprise – Big Money

Seriously, aren’t you in it for the money? The Crypto market can offer outrageously generous rewards for display advertising.

Mainstream advertising: $1 sad dollar per impression. I mean, that’s cute, you can even save up for a Nissan Micra one day.

Your Average Crypto Advertiser: $10-15 dollars per impression, depending on the sub-vertical. You can at least buy 15 Nissan Micra’s now.

The Prospects of the Crypto Vertical

A $15 CPM in instant bitcoin payouts, huh? So there must be a catch, right? Wrong! The over-pricing in crypto makes a lot of sense if you just think about what’s causing it:

Crypto Content Supply vs Crypto Content Demand

The crypto industry is not an infant anymore, but it hasn’t hit its puberty either. The demand for relevant content like guides, news articles, reviews etc. is in huge demand in the market. Sadly, the supply is trailing light years behind. And now that the hype is gone, it takes more skill to get into the public’s eye and land on the Search Engine Result Page. Hence the over-pricing – simple as that.

For you as an acting or even just a potential crypto affiliate marketer, this should translate into just two things:

  1. A great opportunity to make some real good money
  2. Little to no competition to deal with

Will it Last, or is it Just a One Time Thing?

Right, so, as much as we’d love to do that, we can’t go into much detail about how crypto is not dead in this particular article. Not again, at least! If you’re having second-thoughts before putting your foot through the crypto door, let these simple facts ease your mind:

  • The crypto industry is in active development
  • It is being globally acknowledged by big-time media, financial and educational institutions and the general audience
  • The global powers that be like Google, Facebook and even – wait for it – the US Government are becoming crypto-friendly. But not as friendly as the Prime Minister of Malta or officials from Japan and Gibraltar, but let’s give them time
  • Consistent trends show there will be a new to-the-moon-hype – it’s not about ‘if’, it’s about a ‘when’

Transitioning to Crypto or Starting from Scratch

Now that we’ve (hopefully) put all the major doubts behind us, let’s get the basics behind getting started with crypto. Good news – you will most likely be able to transition your existing online presence to crypto. But even if you can’t – that’s cool too, I’ll show you how to start from scratch, and mostly importantly – why it’s totally worth your effort.

So like we said, this can go either of the two ways:

  1. You already have a platform (a web-site, blog or whatever) dedicated to a closely related field or market. Like finance, for instance, or online marketing;
  2. Either your current platform and audience has no suitable mounts for crypto or you just don’t have an established online presence yet.

If You Do Have a Crypto-Related Platform

Let’s look at the scenario where you do have a platform, but it’s not necessarily a crypto one. But it is in one of the related fields like:

  • Finance & Investment
  • Trading
  • Gambling
  • Gaming

In this case – congrats, you can make a smooth transition into the crypto vertical by tying your current focus to crypto. Here are some of the examples:

  • Finance – cryptocurrency
  • Investment advice – ICOs
  • Trading – crypto exchanges
  • Gambling – blockchain casinos or gambling services that accept bitcoin
  • Gaming – think Crypto Kitties and hundreds of projects inspired by their idea

Or just use this picture for reference, it’s easier that way:

Crypto transition table

Get Some Crypto-related Content Going

Remember what we said – crypto content is in an ever-going demand, and the supply is light years behind. So once you’ve switched, just stay on track and follow the road to crypto-riches:

      • Publish crypto-related ads from advertisers on your platform;
      • Produce or buy unique and relevant content;
      • Optimize it for Search Engines to ensure online visibility. What good will your Boss-Guide-to-Crypto do if no one can Google it up?

Just stick to the pattern: increase the number of visitors > increase the number of ad impressions > increase your payout. Be patient – it doesn’t happen overnight.

If You Don’t Have a Crypto-Ready Platform

If you can’t transition your current assets to crypto… or if you just don’t have anything to transition, you should basically do the same thing, except you’re gonna have to start from scratch:

      • Pick a topic (and hopefully get good at it);
      • Publish relevant content. If you’re not quite sure how to make it relevant, go for the obvious! Target your region and write about things are specific for your local market, like purchasing and using cryptocurrency in your country. For instance: how to buy bitcoin in Wakanda.
      • Make it to the top of all the search engines;
      • Display ads and get rich. Or add reference links and get rich. Or both, to get double rich.

Why You Should Start from Scratch

Well, obviously – it’s a rare opportunity to secure your place in the rapidly growing market until it’s all divided and conquered by other people. There are many success cases out there that prove my point.

Formats that Perform Best (And Worst)

Okay, so you’re game. That’s good, welcome aboard. Just before you start taking up offers and publishing ads on your platform, let me give you a little heads up on which display ad formats work in crypto, and which – don’t.

Advertising Formats Good for Crypto

Crypto is still new, so it might come as a surprise that pre-historic display advertising formats show impressive results here. And yet, the best-performing formats in crypto are:

      • Banner ads (not shitting you there)
      • Interstitial ads
      • Reference links in review articles
      • Emails (don’t ask – we’re just as puzzled)

Promising Formats

Crypto is catching up with modern trends. So when banner ads eventually die out, you want to have a couple of modern-day aces up your sleeve. Mainly, we’re talking about

      • Native ads
      • Video ads

Advertising Formats that are Bad for Crypto

Whatever you do, stay away from Pop-ups, pop-unders and other fishy stuff. They don’t work. They’re not POP-ular anymore. Did you get that?

Such formats are intrusive, annoying and are usually associated with scam and fraud in the minds of most users. Don’t reinforce that feeling.

And if you ever planned on using browser notifications for advertising – please reconsider. It’s just gross.

Pro Tips

Last, but not least – the promised pro-tips on how to gain a massive boost to online visibility and organic traffic with comparatively low effort.

Go Global

Translate your content to other languages. It’s not as tough as it sounds – you can hire freelance translators for a relatively small price to do the job, and the result will always be worth it.

I’d recommend going for Spanish and Portuguese first. Going for the Chinese-speaking audience might be a little more tricky than you think in the context of SEO (Google isn’t exactly available in China), so let’s just leave it here now.

Crypto Review Genre

Reviews are the shit now. It’s one of the top hits in crypto-related search queries, and a safe bet to build a consistent presence in the industry.

Look at Crypto Compare for one – as evident from the name, they started out by reviewing crypto projects and sharing their thoughts with the community. And this got them incredibly big.

So even if you’re new to crypto and don’t really know what to write/talk/dance about – try out some crypto projects yourself and share your personal experience with others. Trust me, that will score you a lot of views.

Move like Ofir

If you need a role model or just an IRL example to back up this story, check out what Ofir Beigel of 99 Bitcoins did. Reach the tops of less commercial 101-related search requests, like ‘how many bitcoins can I buy’. And when you pull a new guy into crypto, make a small donation if it’s their first time dealing with cryptocurrency. You can send it to a simple smart contract that will, for instance, return the sum once a certain action has been taken, e.g. subscription, purchasing a crypto kitty etc. What you get for it is somebody who will forever consider you their guide into the world of crypto.

And in just a few years, completely random people will show up to thank you at events, but let’s not get too sentimental. Bottom-line: building your crypto-community on personal loyalties and trust is a good thing.


Last fall, hundreds of quick-witted affiliate marketers made millions in crypto. Come winter, and those who hesitated started whining about the ‘missed opportunity of a liftime’. As of today, everyone claims they could’ve done a lot better if they had not missed their time.

But keep in mind – this shit works in cycles, and you’ve only missed the first one. So stop wondering about what might and what might not happen to crypto and start carving your place in it right now! Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to building audiences and securing a steady supply of organic traffic in crypto.

Why wait, we kindly suggest you get to it today. And stay tuned for more tips and guides on crypto affiliate marketing, including a comprehensive guide on Search Engine Optimization, in the nearest future!

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