Game of Chance: Marketer’s Intro to Crypto Gambling

Game of Chance: Marketer’s Intro to Crypto Gambling

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Dealing with cryptocurrency is its own game of chance these days, but you can always add a little spice by throwing online gambling into the mix. Blockchain-based casinos and poker rooms dealing in Bitcoin – why it’s suddenly a thing and how do you get rich promoting them while your competition slumbers?

With 2019 not far off, this article will serve as an introduction to the extremely topical story of driving traffic for crypto gambling projects and (hopefully) getting rich while you’re at it.

But woah, don’t expect this to be an outrageously scientific research just yet. We hate to tease, but all the gory details, special tactics and legit numbers will have to wait for the next instalments in this series. Now this one will literally be an introduction and cover the following questions:

  1. What is crypto gambling and why it’s a thing right now;
  2. Why it’s a pretty solid road to riches for affiliate marketers in 2018, and why we think there will be extra lanes added to it in 2019;
  3. How to pick the right crypto gambling project for your traffic and not get bent;
  4. What are the best angles for marketing a crypto gambling service

So if you’re that guy who can’t quite make much of the whole Crypto Gambling thing and looking for a quick read that will bring you up to speed on the topic – look no further. We can always crunch numbers later!

1. Crypto Gambling – The Nutshell Version

1.1 WTF is Crypto Gambling Anyway?

The name is a huge tell, to be fair. Essentially, a Crypto Gambling project is a gambling service (from a full-fledged casino to a sports betting company) that deals in cryptocurrencies as opposed to FIAT money (also known as ‘the real money’ among people who don’t know any better) used in conventional gambling.

Now, the Crypto Gambling is vast and diverse, spanning from virtual slot machines to big-time poker rooms, but every project has one thing in common – they all capitalize on the marvels made possible only in crypto. Security, anonymity and an instant and tax-free payday at the end of the day. And that’s a major selling point for gamblers worldwide.

1.2 The Benefits of Crypto Gambling

Let’s look at the top-5 distinct advantages the Crypto Gambling has over its conventional counterpart from the perspective of a marketer.

Secure and Anonymous

Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there’s no middle man involved, taking your favorite bank and the nosy tax inspector out of the picture. Naturally, all it takes to sign up with a crypto gambling project is usually your email address and your crypto-wallet – and you’re all set and ready to test your luck. No IDs, no verifications, no red tape.

Major selling points a marketer can use:

  • Instant registration
  • No ID or personal information required

Instant Tax-Free Payments

Cryptocurrency makes both depositing and cashing out a matter of seconds. That’s a massive edge over using your Visa, Mastercard or even PayPal that may take as long as a few days to process your payments. And let’s not forget the legal procedures practiced by conventional casinos that can turn your cash out into a few week’s worth of drag. Crypto Gambling is free of all that annoying bullshit.

Major selling points a marketer can use:

  • Instant deposits and cash outs
  • Secure and anonymous payments
  • No taxes, no hidden fees from third-parties stuck in the middle

It’s Barely Legal, But Still Legal

This won’t come as a surprise – the world’s governments have long had the gambling industry by the balls. The restrictions imposed on gambling services and casinos using ‘real money’ are as severe and brutal as they get, leaving gamblers with very few expensive options to try their luck without ending up behind bars.

But guess what? Most governments still won’t acknowledge crypto-coins as real currencies. Don’t get offended yet, for this is a bliss that makes gambling with cryptocurrency legal in countries and regions that prohibit gambling with ‘real money’. How cool is that?

This sure beats travelling to an Indian reservation or the neutral seas if you’re stuck in a place that forbids conventional gambling. Play poker, crops and blackjack all you like – as long as you’re not using ‘real money’, the government couldn’t care less if you’re betting Bitcoins or Pokemon cards from a box of cereal.

Good News for Marketers:

The ‘barely legal’ rule usually works for advertisements the same way. If it’s illegal to promote conventional casinos in some region you’re targeting in your ads, it might well be legal to promote Crypto Gambling projects in a pristine white-hat fashion.

Blockchain: No Skill, Just Luck

Lots of Crypto Casinos are designed to be fraud-proof thanks to the blockchain technology coupled with the ‘Provably Fair’ system. So whenever you spin that slot machine, you better pray to RNGesus – because that’s just you and him this time. The result is guaranteed to be legit and random, with no risk of a ‘rigged’ game left.

So a casino that denies itself any chance of screwing you over. That’s nice. But also – weird. This may take all the charm and magic away from the process, making this feature an actual turn-off for some audiences who believe AND like that magic, and would rather not trade it for pure random and cold algorithms. Fortunately, most people like money more than they like magic, so that’s cool.

It’s a Good Way to Stack Crypto-coins

Mining, trading or purchasing Bitcoin from the exchanges have been the primary ways of investing your ‘real money’ into cryptocurrency. But let’s face it – those are pretty dull. Winning a stack of Bitcoins in a game of poker? That’s a whole different story, almost like the ‘Tickets to Titanic’ episode! But with a much better ending, hopefully.

Crypto gambling may not be the safest way to stack up some crypto-coins for our next To the Moon event, but it sure as hell the most thrilling one.

2. Why Crypto Gambling is a Good Prospect for Marketers

As an affiliate marketer, a media buyer or traffic owner exploring new fields of crypto, you know how costly it is to bet on the wrong one. Trends come and go with a whooshing sound in crypto, and it’s only fair to get suspicious when somebody starts talking about the ‘next big thing’ and a brand new road to riches. But here’s why we think Crypto Gambling might actually become a highway to riches for crypto affiliate marketers real soon.

2.1 There’s a Market Out There

Crypto gambling has a competitive edge over ‘normal’ gambling

Conventional gambling is a $108.9 billion worth industry expected to hit $128.5 billion in 2020. And with Crypto Gambling emerging as a very competitive alternative, things are not looking good for our old-fashioned friends:

  • Potentially, crypto casinos are more profitable to start and run in terms of expenses, taxes and legal registration and certification
  • Crypto gambling services allow anonymous, tax-free and instant payments
  • ‘Normal’ gambling is restricted or outright prohibited in a lot of regions. Crypto gambling is mostly in the clear

Overall, crypto gambling projects are cheaper, faster and a lot more available to both the owners and the customers. Not to mention the perks of decentralized crypto-transactions and fraud-prevention offered by the blockchain technology.

Now if you pit Crypto Gambling against ‘Normal’ Gambling in a fight for that $128.5 billion worth of money running in the market, we’d bet our money on the Crypto Gambling. Hands down, it has all the potential to topple or even outright disrupt conventional gambling in the near future.

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular among online consumers

Now you might chime in saying, ‘Well, it only works if all those people learn how to use crypto-coins. And cryptocurrency is like for scientists only, right?’. Wrong!

Last year’s Bitcoin price surge may have left a lot of people with the sour aftertaste of frustration, but there’s no ‘bad’ without something ‘good’ to it (unless it’s a Nickelback music video – then it’s just bad).

Ahem. The $20k price may be gone, but the worldwide fame of Bitcoin persists to this day. And if anything, last year has taught hundreds of thousands of ‘normal people’ how to earn and spend cryptocurrencies. Whether making an investment into the next ‘price spike’ or using crypto-coins as an ingenious alternative to debit cards, your average Joe is finally learning how to use cryptocurrency for their everyday online consumer routines. Buying stuff online, purchasing Snoop Dog’s mixtapes and yes, gambling. All you can do with ‘normal’ money, you can do with crypto-money with no hustle at all. As the technologies evolve and hit the mass adoption level, this is finally becoming a reality – the not-so-tech-savvy people can use cryptocurrency online with no hassle at all.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the cryptocurrency trading volume numbers provided by CoinMarketCap.

Cryptocurrency is walking tall, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t grow even bigger.

Demand + Supply = Deal

So you have an established market of online gambling. You have the reapidly evolving crypto gambling industry that has the potential to send conventional gambling flying into a coma. And you have the ever-growing audience of customers adopting cryptocurrencies as a go-to payment method for their online consumer’s needs.

See where we’re taking this? Let’s hope we don’t jinx it, but the odds are looking THAT good for Crypto Gambling.

2.2 There’s Not Much Competition for You to Deal With

Crypto Gambling is a relatively new field for marketers and media buyers driving cryptotraffic to make a luxurious living. And you know how it goes with new things in crypto – everyone hates to be a pioneer, often preferring to play it safe with better explored sub-verticals. After all, there’s not much knowledge available as to what works and what sucks for promoting crypto gambling projects, which quite honestly dooms you to make some constly mistakes.

The brightside is – dangerous stuff means high rewards and low competition. If you play your cards right, you might become the apex marketer of crypto gambling and get all the cream this industry has to offer, while your competition is having cold feet. Is the risk worth it? You bet it!

Gambling is a game of chance, so it’s only natural that you push your luck with this one! Fortune favors the bold, who dares wins, stuff like that. At RunCPA, we definitely support all affiliates who dare to spearhead new fields of crypto, so worry not wandering into the unknown – we’ve got your back through thick and thin. Just contact your account manager directly or hit us up at, let us know you’d like to drive traffic to crypto gambling projects and we’ll share some very good tips and insights with you and even tap you into some sweet private deals.

3. How to Choose a Crypto Gambling Project

Experienced or not, every affiliate marketer knows that a profitable campaign starts with picking the right project to promote. And by ‘right’ we mean a project that is:

  • Not a fraud. This one’s obvious;
  • Viable. It can actually convert your leads into paying customers and engage them to spend their well-earned money on a regular basis (especially true for revshare deals);
  • Adequate for your traffic. Whether it’s your own army of followers or a distributed audience obtained from third-party sources, the project you’re promoting has to hit home with it.

Now, the criteria for picking the ‘right’ Crypto Gambling might be a little tricky and different from what you’re used to see in other sub-verticals, so we’ve jolted down a checklist you can follow. If you’re looking for a good Crypto Gambling project to promote, here’s your usual suspect:

  1. It has an experienced team and a good stack of technology behind it’s back. Security, anonymity and reliability are key to providing customers with a good experience and insighting enough trust for them to sign up and make a deposit. Flawed gambling software is a major turn off that is easily telegraphed – most quality blockchain casinos and crypto gambling projects are not shy about the technologies they use to power their products. If it’s just a bunch of random dudes that never mention any tech features on their landing page, then you should probably pass;
  2. The service provider has positive reviews and a clean street cred. Don’t limit your research to just one project launched by the provider, make sure it has a good history of delivering qualiy service with no ripped off skeletons peeking out of their closet;
  3. The project offers free plays and/or nice starting bonuses to new players. Hands down, this is the deal breaker in most cases with gambling products. In fact, this will be your go-to selling point when launching those ads, so make sure it’s a good one.
  4. It doesn’t look or feel like crap. Seriously, a good Crypto Gambling product ought to look and feel fancy, while also being easy to use without consulting a long-ass user manual. Gamblers are not usually known for their patience, you know.
  5. It has a good customer service program. Marketing may bring new customers in, but it’s the support team that keeps them from pulling out. If you’re working with a project at a revshare deal, it is imperative that your leads should stay involved with it for as long as possible. And it’s just not happening without a good customer success team holding their hands.

Or Leave it to RunCPA!

It’s our job, after all! If you’re no big fan of police work and private investigations, that’s actually fine. We’re more than willing to do all the legwork for you! Our team of brilliant detectives have already picked the best Crypto Gambling projects, double-checked them for viability and published in our neat Offer Catalog.

Just follow this link to check them out or sign up right away to receive valuable advice on how to promote each product present in our catalog.

But if you’d rather do it yourself, that’s cool too!

4. Conclusion

As promised, we’re not going knee-deep into details in this article. But like we said, spotting the opportunity and knowing the right angle to approach it is at least half of the deal. It may not seem like much now, but it will get you started.

Still, in our absolutely unbiased opinion, the best way to start would be to ask your account manager. It’s their job, right? And if you don’t have one yet, it is just one-click-on-this-sign-up-button-over-here away.

And if you’re hell-bent on going solo, stay tuned for the next post in the Crypto Gambling series. In it, we’ll finally spill it out in every detail on how to drive traffic for Crypto Gambling projects, maximizing your profits and cutting on them losses. But trying beats waiting, so we dare you to go out there and try your luck working with some Crypto Gambling offers in our catalog today. Who knows, maybe you’ll just beat us to that Ultimate Crypto Casino Guide, huh?

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