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April 2017 Fruitful Promo:
Hashing24, Cryptopay and AdmiralSpot

Dear friend!
We are going to surprise you with 3 profitable offers with increased profit, that we love. Our monthly promo campaign in March received sufficient interest from you, and we decided to continue. Here are our bonuses for you in April 2017. increased revenue share up to 20%!

Now it’s not 14%, but jumped to 20%! Great reward for cloud mining industry. Hashing24 is trustworthy brand powered by BitFury and it’s easy to promote. Enjoy the highest earnings in April!
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Cryptopay - GBP/EUR/USD 10 for each debit card and 0% RunCPA fee!

We absolutely adore how Cryptopay team performs. To show our respect and help everyone receive a bitcoin debit card they deserve, we switched off our fee for a month. Enjoy more revenue promoting Cryptopay. They rock!
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AdmiralSpot - 32% revenue share + 0% RunCPA fee!

Meet AdmiralSpot - a well-known bitcoin casino and our new partner. We expect many new gaming/gmabling/betting offers during spring and we decided to heighten your interest to promoting this industry. A great chance to tune up your affiliate strategies and earn more money with RunCPA, as we negotiate about new fruitful offers for you.
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RunCPA is #1 Bitcoin Affiliate Network. You can promote our referral program without any doubt. We pay you 50% from our profits from affiliate that you refer. Let’s grow our community to get better terms from advertisers. Making money is fun!
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We hope you'll love our special offers and that April 2017 will bring you more money with RunCPA that ever before. Do not forget that instant payouts are available for all these offers. Which promo looks best? Share your suggestions and ideas with us via It is highly appreciated!


RunCPA team