RunCPA Referral Program

Earn a 25% Share for Life!

Here at RunCPA, we believe that sharing can be much more than just caring. Sharing can pretty much be earning! And to back that up, we're excited to announce the most generous referral program in the entire crypto vertical!

1. Refer an Affiliate Marketer

Trust is the pillar upon which the Crypto Affiliate Marketing community is built, and no money can repay the trust you put in RunCPA as our partner. Still, it can be a great bonus! So we're always happy to reward you with a generous BTC reward for every new affiliate marketer you bring to our network:

1.1 Benefits – What You Get

For every new affiliate marketer who joins RunCPA using your unique referral link, you can expect:

  • A lifetime 25% share of their profit – the best deal in the crypto vertical
  • Instant bitcoin payouts

1.2 How the RunCPA Referral Program Works

  1. Using your unique referral link, you bring a fellow marketer (let's call him Joe) to work with RunCPA;
  2. You start earning 25% of all the profit Joe generates whilst working with RunCPA. And it goes on for as long as we all live (which is forever, hopefully);
  3. You receive your payments instantly and in BTC.

1.3 Getting Started

  1. with RunCPA;
  2. Start working with an Offer from our catalog and get your unique reference link for it;
  3. Share your outrageously inspirational and 100% true story of a successful partnership with RunCPA and use this link to refer to RunCPA. That way we'll know you were the one who inspired them;
  4. Whenever a new guy you've inspired to become our partner starts working with our offers, we'll pay you a whole 25% of all the profit they ever generate. This deal is good for life!

PLEASE NOTE: Using your unique referral link to refer your own twink account(s) is considered a fraud and may result in permanent ban to all of your associated accounts. We all like a good joke, but let’s not push it too far.

2. Refer an Advertiser

Helping quality blockchain projects reach their audience is a noble cause that drives the Crypto Economy further. This is why we started RunCPA in the first place – to fuel crypto projects with quality traffic! If you can think of such a project, we encourage you to send them our way and receive a generous profit share bonus as a token of our appreciation.

2.1 Benefits – What You Get

For every new Advertiser who joins RunCPA following your recommendation, you can expect:

  • A lifetime 25% share of the profit our network generates working with this particular advertiser – the best deal in the crypto vertical
  • Instant bitcoin payouts
  • Guaranteed results for the advertiser. With over 2000 active partners, RunCPA has the biggest supply of crypto traffic concentrated in one source.

This deal is perfect both for agencies and freelance marketers offering council to crypto projects and helping their clients increase the number of active paying customers.

2.2 Getting Started

  1. with RunCPA;
  2. Contact us at so we could make sure the potential advertiser you're referring is not an existing RunCPA client, nor a client previously referred by another partner;
  3. If everything is right, we'll kindly ask you to introduce us to the advertiser;
  4. Once all is set and the advertising campaign has launched, you will begin to receive a 25% share of all the profit RunCPA generates from working with the advertiser you've referred. This deal is good for life!