Reward to our NU Affiliates: Revenue Share 15%

Advantages to NU Affiliates:


Advantages to NU Clients / NU GOLD VIP Members: NUGD Holders (Investors):

·    Opportunity to be part of a Truly Innovative Gaming Enterprise / Venture

·    Exclusive NU GOLD VIP Membership Packages NOW Available. Includes 100%-25%-10% BONUS NU GOLD Tokens. 

·    Multi-Utility NUGD Token: PLAY - TRADE - SHOP - HOLD 

·    Purchase NU Earth Lotto Tickets with NUGD - Receive Bonus Games

·    Privileged VIP Access to the NU Gaming Platform. NU Casino: Best RTP, Lower Rakes

·    A Genuine, Long Term Enterprise with a Solid Business Model, backed by Extensive R&D, Proprietary Exclusive game content.  

·    Fixed Total Supply: 500,000,000 NU GOLD Tokens.

·    Issue price US $0.01 cents

·    Gaming Industry Experts; Dedicated, Lean & Agile Team

·     NU Entertainment is planning to partner with World Leading White Label e-gaming Developers/Suppliers.

·    AIM: Disrupt The US $500 Billion Gaming Industry. Operate / Supply the Best New Lottery & Casino Experience on the Block

·    World & Industry First Patented Innovative NU Gaming System. Multiple Verticals, Exclusive Gaming Content.

·    100+ NU Games to Develop & Distribute. Including NU Lotto, NU Bingo, NU Mahjong, NU Keno, NU Slots, NU Baccarat, NU Poker, Plus more...

·    Pre-Sale to help fund the growth of the business

·    Plan/Market for upcoming NU Coin ICO. Q2 2018

·    Med-Long Term Hold / Exchange NU GOLD in NU Coin ICO

·    Early invitations to NU Specials & NU Offers 

·    Controlled, Limited Releases


URL link for Pre-Sale Gold Paper for NU Entertainment

The 'NU GOLD' Paper pdf link below:

What is a NU GOLD Token: NUGD?

NU GOLD Tokens are foundation tokens of NU Entertainment.

Created to support the growth and development of the business.

Total Fixed supply: 500,000,0000 NUGD Tokens                                                    

Issue Price per NUGD Token = US $0.01 cent

NU GOLD Token (NUGD) is ERC20 compliant

Verified Smart contract: 0x32c785E4E8477B277FEA2CA2301727084D79D933


CURRENT OFFER: NU GOLD VIP Membership Packages Limited Release: FC-FS.

Link -

Exclusive NU GOLD VIP Membership Packages NOW Available. Includes 100%-25%-10% BONUS NU GOLD Tokens.

Further releases and discounts TBA. (Bigger the Package: Bigger the BONUS)

NU GOLD Tokens can be exchanged in the NU COIN ICO* planned for Q2 2018

NU GOLD / NU COIN* can be used to purchase NU Lotto, NU Bingo Tickets. Exchange for NU Chips to play in the NU Casino - 

NU Casino & Table Games: Fastest Games - Best Odds. Play NU Slots, NU Baccarat, NU Poker, Plus more..

Participate in fun and strategic NU Social & NU Skill based Games.

Purchase and/or Win (physical) NU Merchandise: NU Playing Cards®, NU Casino & NU Poker Sets, NU T-Shirts, Plus more... 

NU GOLD VIP Membership Pricing Table


Link -

NU Entertainment will Launch in 2018 our Flagship NU Game.

NU EARTH LOTTO: The Best New Lottery Game in 2000 years.

NU Earth Lotto Ticket - NU Balls - 10,38

1 Draw - 2 Results - 2 Ways to WIN


Who is NU Entertainment?

Link -

NU Entertainment is a cutting-edge enterprise that developed & owns proprietary exclusive gaming content and the rights to distribute B2C/B2B the extensive range of NU IP.

100+ NU Games in multiple verticals.

Patented NU Cards, NU Balls, NU Tiles, NU Slot Tokens & NU Games.

Revolutionize the Games & Gaming industry from the Apparatus up!

NU Balls - 8,18,28,38,48

NU; Doubles the Game: 2 ways to Play - 2 ways to WIN.

NU Entertainment developing and supplying the Best New Casino and Lottery Games in 2,000 years.

Launching the NU Gaming Platform Q2/3 2018 

Online - Mobile - Landbased

Social - Cash - Coin

NU Entertainment aims to dominate the decentralized Casino & Lottery market with

More ways to Play, Bet & WIN. 

NU Entertainment - Logo - Black

Join the NU Gaming Revolution

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Web sites

·         Doorways

·         Teaser/banner AD

·         Social networks: targeted AD

·         Social networks: publics, games, gaming, casino & lottery applications

·         Emailing

·         Mobile traffic

·         ClickUnder/PopUnder