12% RS : ARTEX: ICO (till 20 December 2017!)


Reward to our affiliates

12% Revenue Share (from token sales)

Advantages to affiliates

Guaranteed Revenue Share 12%

No restrictions for amount for investment by client

Highest conversion to sale

Minimum check is 0.1 ETH

Quick payouts

All sources of traffic are accepted

Strong community of webmasters

Fully anonymous network

Advantages to clients (investors)

Powerful and highly-experienced team of project.

On the photography market since 2002.

The overall audience for current projects is more than 1,000,000 people a month

(35photo.ru, club.foto.ru, rosphoto.com).

One of the largest photo awards in the world — 35awards.com (75,000 participants, more than 200,000 downloaded pieces of work).

Extensive opportunities for exchange of ART Tokens

The MVP now available, any art market player will be able to receive a certain amount of test ARTEX tokens (ART-tokens) which they can use to purchase an artwork.

What is ARTEX?

Website - https://artex.global/

White paper – https://artex.global/files/u/chunk/1708/artexwpeng.pdf

MVP - https://mvp.artex.global/

Roadmap Of ARTEX

Stage 1

Q4 2017 – Q4 2018

Development of Artex for the photography market

infrastructure development;

verification and adding of new photographers;

photographers can add photos to the artex database by adding

information about authorship in the blockchain;

accreditation of primary photo printing labs and exhibition

photo galleries;

processing and pre-assessment of a picture by an expert

community (payment to examiners);

creation of a preliminary large database of authentic photos

from verified authors on the basis of 35photo and 35awards

(aprox. 1.6 million professional photos);

the creation of a mechanism for finding similar photographs

using other photos in the database;

development of a quick photo search app for mobile ios and


issue and acquisition of tokens that give permission to print


creation of a photo exchange.

Stage 2

Q1 2019 – Q3 2019

Development of Artex for the photography market

verification and adding of new photo labs;

photo printing in a lab;

safe Deal mechanism, arbitration.

Stage 3

Q4 2019 – Q4 2020

Development of Artex for the paintings market

attract major art galleries to the artex system;

digitization of famous paintings. creation of artists’ registry;

creation and accreditation of a primary database of experts

(art historians);

realization and release of a fully functional picture token;

realization of a fully functional token sale.