30% RS + 6$ CPL : AnythingApp ICO (from TOP 3 ICO for June)

Restrictions: United States of America, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Syria, Sudan North, Crimea, North Korea, Seychelles & Latvia.

Reward to our affiliates: 30% Revenue Share commission and $6 CPL

CPL - Action is signup plus email confirmation.

Revenue Share - from the purchase.

Stop date: 11 JUNE - 1 JULY, 2018 AND 14 JULY - 13 AUGUST, 2018 ONLY

Advantages to affiliates:

Advantages to clients:

What Is Anything App?

A TOP 3 ICO for June: https://bit.ly/2sL04ca

Anything App represents the sharing economy - of knowledge. Early competitors like earn.com have been acquired for USD $120,000,000, proving the viability of the concept. We expand upon what they have done to solve real-world problems and to create a project that can truly achieve mass adoption. We are situated in the Netherlands, have product demos available and everything else you expect from a transparent, exciting ICO. 

Make sure to take a look at our animated introduction video: https://bit.ly/2LMfW5t

Raving reviews from honest, respected crypto-analysts:

Crypto Lark:                             https://bit.ly/2LFMBtk

Young and Investing:               https://bit.ly/2Jx2eCv

Cryptocurrency Australia:        https://bit.ly/2MhatVa

101 ICO podcast:                     https://bit.ly/2Jsr3Up

Analysis and chains podcast:  https://bit.ly/2MfaGrV

Links and description:

Website:   https://anything.app

Whitepaper:           https://anythingapp.com/whitepaper.pdf

2-Pager:         https://anything.app/two-pager.pdf

Anything App is an platform which enables everyone to make money, by helping others over the phone. This is done through video-calls, calls and chat. The sellers sets his own rate per minute and gets compensated in AnyCoin (ANY) or FIAT. Of course, he/she can help for free, too!

The internet isn’t truly equipped for advice or second opinions. It cannot help you with most things in daily life. This is where Anything App comes in; connecting humans with each other. Suddenly, your phone can help you solve your problems with empathy and a clear vision of what's going on.

The mission is to make everyone a seller. We'll be connecting the world's minds in a single platform, making sure that we will be able to get assistance with Anything, immediately.