10% RS: BitClave : pre-ICO

Reward to our affiliates: 10% Revenue Share (from token sales)


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What is Bitclave?

Link - https://www.bitclave.com/

Pre-sale is open from July 25th to August 1st or 48 hours after soft cap is reached
$1.5m (soft cap)


What is a BitClave token:


1 CAT = 0.05 USD


Note that CAT/ETH and CAT/BTC rate will change daily during token pre-sale.


About the BitClave Token Distribution:

This token distribution is a unique opportunity to support a world-class team and ambitious project at the early stages of its founding by purchasing shares of the product platform in the form of tokens. Immediately after the token distribution, each token purchaser’s wallet will be credited BitClave tokens (CATs). At the same time, CAT will become available for trading on public cryptocurrency exchanges.


BitClave was founded in 2016 with the vision of reimagining the relationship between businesses and customers based on the trust and transparency of Smart Contracts. Our solution has the potential to disrupt one of the largest markets in the world, the ad network, which is currently monopolized by giant corporations and controlled by middlemen.

BitClave currently has a partnership with a gateway to payment systems with hundreds of millions of users, which will ensure integration with businesses entering the market.

The team consists of 20 engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments, and blockchain.


Bitclave is decentralized search for goods and services. Smart contracts to connect customers and businesses without costly advertisers or controlling middlemen.


What problem or unmet need in the market does it solve?

Middlemen, like Google, eat up to half of businesses' advertising budget and sell the personal information of users.


Why have these problems not been solved in the past?

High entry threshold, monopoly on users' data. There was no fast enough technology to implement decentralization.


How does the product work?

Users' data is anonymized and saved in the blockchain. Smart contracts provide fair exchange of access to data in exchange for tokens. See our white paper for more details.


What or whom is BitClave competition?

Google, Amazon, Facebook


How does BitClave differentiate from the other decentralized competition?

One example is Brave - a web browser that pays users to watch banners with small amounts of money for their time and attention. BitClave provides an open source ecosystem that enables users to have full control over their data while monetizing it. Businesses use the platform to target their ad campaigns in a personalized way and significantly improve conversion rate. The product experience is simple and seamless:

Businesses get good customer leads without paying expensive advertisers commissions and users get paid to search.


How does BitClave differentiate from centralized competition?

Google, Amazon, Facebook and others sell access to user data, while BitClave allows for a direct link between businesses and consumers. BitClave doesn't monetize on the user data, but rather enables different business models and encourages data sharing across businesses. BitClave doesn't need to maintain massive data servers due to the decentralized distribution and ownership of the data.


What does the token do?

The Consumer Activity Token (CAT) is a utility token for use by customers, businesses, and third-party entities who contribute activity data and services to the ecosystem. CATs are awarded for all data contributed to the ledger and is the unit of exchange for smart contract processing.


More tokens will be issued over the time, how?

The number of tokens is fixed during the initial token distribution.


How can people earn tokens?

Users can earn tokens by participating in the ecosystem via registering their activities and performing searches. Businesses can either acquire tokens from the users by selling their services and goods or by purchasing tokens on open exchanges.


Why is the BitClave team well suited to build this product?

We have a stellar team with many years of experience in advertising, game design, computer security, user privacy, public policy, cryptography and blockchain. Our team is completed with an all star roster of experienced advisors.


Restrictions for affiliates:

Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without an approval.

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