Confer Coin Crowdsale (CNFR) - Cryptocurrency for Travel & Transportaion field

Welcome to Confer Coin - Digital currency for Travel / Transportation management system and for Lending / Staking.

We are introducing bonus for the investors who will invest more than 500$ .:tada::boom:

More than 500$ - 10% bonus coins

More than 1000$ - 20% bonus coins

More than 5000$ - 40% bonus coins

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Contact info:


We have updated the bounty campaign


Total Supply - 20,000,000 CNFR Coins

Symbol - CNFR

Platform - Wave

ROADMAP :+1: :

October 20 - Website Created and updated.

October 27~31 - Airdrops

November 1~15 - Crowdsale (Starts from 0.01$ per coin and 5% referral commission),bounty

November 15 - Once CrowdSale completes, target to list on Exchanges

December mid - Lending/staking will be available on our website with daily ROI of ~1.4%(avg)

January 2018 - Development of Transportation and travel management system on our blockchain

2018 second quarter - live on our website

2018 second quarter - Releasing our Android app

WHY CNFR :heart_eyes: :

Less Supply means more demand -> More profit

After ICO, remaining coins will be unused.

Daily ROI of ~1.40% of investment

Crowdsale started with just 0.01$ per CNFR.:heart:

Know more about us :

Buy CNFR:money_with_wings: on our official website

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