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RS 15% + CPL 4$

Evareium (EVM) is a pioneering and award-winning real estate investment token founded on blockchain technology.

Evareium targets crowdfunding of direct investments in real estate, starting in Dubai – the blockchain capital of the world - through a repository fund model. It provides the means for investors to relinquish the high cost and burden of having to physically buy, sell and manage property themselves but instead get the opportunity to passively avail compelling asset-backed investment returns, based on proven models which consistently outperform regular property ownership – it’s a completely managed investment platform for the ‘click-in-and-click-out’ digitalized investment generation

Targeting the largest asset class in the world at c.US$ 220 trillion in value and over US$ 10 trillion in economic contribution globally per year. Evareium’s global vision is a complete ecosystem digitalizing real estate investment and operations. With boundless potential, there’s no bigger blockchain playbook than this.

In a rapidly evolving, digital world, with seemingly hundreds of blockchain and digitalization initiatives being launched every day, real estate stands apart as what we would term a ‘fundamental’ asset class; the sheltering and utility functions of property are both fundamental needs and complete necessities in order to go about our daily lives.

Our vision with Evareium has been to activate digitally this inherently illiquid asset class by creating a completely digitalized ecosystem model defining a unique coalescence between technology and physical property utilization and experience – which will soon become a new paradigm.

Disrupting the global private equity real estate fund market on a large scale has always been high on our strategic agenda and this is the first step towards achieving that. We have assembled a core team of world-leading ICO and blockchain professionals including Alex Norta of QTUM and Cedex fame; crypto asset and real estate entrepreneur, Phillip Nunn; Christian Papathanasiou, Director at DarkMatter and founding member of the UK Digital Currency Association; and Paul Moynan co-founder of the highly successful Dragon Coin Initial Coin Offering.

Evareium uses a compelling and innovative ecosystem model, which takes the interplay between real estate elements and stakeholders fully into the decentralized, digitalized era.

Additional Information:

Top 20 investing geos:  UK, UAE, Europe, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, France, Saudi, Japan, Hong Kong

Campaign running dates: 01 March 2018 - 30 April 2018

Soft cap: 90,000,000 USD