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Reward to our affiliates:

CPL: $3.2 (verified e-mail)

Revenue Share: 15,2% (from token sales)


Advantages to affiliates:


Advantages to clients (investors):


Why FinTab?

Link - https://fintab.io/

FinTab is an accounting system for cryptocurrency portfolios. The platform allows its users to keep a record of their cryptocurrencies and analyze the state of their funds found on various exchanges and e-wallets.




Detailed review:

Features of FinTab

Background into the Creation of FinTab:

The most full-featured services today may provide such functions as:

However, FinTab claims that the weaknesses of most platforms is the absence of the following features:

Solution offered by FinTab

FinTab is making a system which is going to have a really user-friendly layout and an extensive functionality, realizing the attributes that no other service has up to this day. In any case, they already have a working beta-version of their services.

Their purpose is to become the largest multi-platform cryptocurrency accounting service annually from today.

Fintab offers their market overview for each customer of their accounting of crypto-currency portfolios below:


A distinct group, distinguished by a large number of clients and a high stream of transactions. Fintab is ready to offer them the individual boxed versions or extended licences for additional tasks and metrics.

Individual investors:

Users buying crypto-currencies for moderate and long-term positions, who nearly don't take part in active commerce and mainly rely on the rise of currency exchange rates.


Active consumers, working both on short and long positions. They perform numerous transactions and might have several active dealers who take third-party finance under control and supervise several clients.


Pre-ICO Fundraising of FinTab tokens (FNT) is made with the aim of financing the development of the system, the execution of blockchain, as well as raising funds for promotion and marketing of the service. FinTab Tokens will be used to pay for “Pro” and “Manage” accounts.

Starts October 122 mln FNT is going to be sold out throughout the pre-ICO. 1 FNT = $0.1 Further, 21 mln FNT will be marketed throughout the Primary ICO stage in the Cost of 1 FNT = $0.4

Investor's Interest

Projected dynamics of the FNT rate and ICO bonuses:

Pre-ICO: 1FNT = $0.1

ICO + bonuses: 1FNT = $0.3

ICO: 1FNT = $0.4

Burning of tokens:

90% of FNT tokens going into the machine as payment to your service is going to be burnt each month. The payment for the service is fixed in USD, but only tokens are accepted as payment. Burning of tokens will cause an increase in the deficit of tokens, especially given the constant growth of users. Thus, we could predict a faster rise of the token rate than in the case of volatility.

Bounty Program

Start of bounty: October 2, 2017.

End of bounty: together with the ending of pre-ICO on November 12, 2017 (a new bounty program will be published for the primary stage of the ICO).

Campaign Budget:

Budget allocation

The remuneration will be computed every Monday after 16:00 UTC.

Fintab Team

Mikhail Fadeyev, CEO

Since 2010, Mikhail is engaged in web-development. He has created and launched a number of endeavors, including the Merit onine bureau, a service for the execution of CRM-systems along with an internet studio. He is engaged in trading and also has funds under control.

Grigory Maltsev, COO

Grigory created a financial accounting system for an Internet agency, and participated in the growth of the Basecamp application.

Nikolay Ozhogov CTO

Full-stack programmer. Since 2012, Nikolay has worked with websites and Internet services development, including the Telegram widget getwidget.com. In 2014, he produced a crypto-currency mining plantation and coordinated a mining-pool. Since 2017 he has been developing Android software.

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