23% RS : PlayHall ICO : Private Sale! : HTML5 Banners! (until June 1st!)

New payout for webmasters! 23% RS :PlayHall ICO:Private Sale! (until June 1st!)

Before: 15% RS: PlayHall ICO:Private Sale! (until June 1st!)

Top 20 investing geos:

Asia (Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, India)




Europe (Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Switzerland)


The USA residents can purchase PHT only if they are listed as the accredited investors.

Campaign running dates:

The token sale will begin in the Q2, 2018. 

The token sale will prolong no more than 8 weeks. Accordingly, if the token sale will begin at the end of the Q2, it will be ended no later than the end of August. The end of token sale can be earlier, if it is decided to start token sale earlier. 

The token sale may last less than 8 weeks if the hard cap is reached.

Your  minimum amount of investment:

Minimum amount of investment is 10 ETH

Soft cap is 1,500 ETH

Hard cap is 16,000 ETH

Already collected in $

2000 ETH (approximately 800 000$)

Why PlayHall? 

link: https://playhall.io

PlayHall is a new decentralized multi-cryptocurrency platform for online skill-based games on blockchain. The core idea behind is to provide gamers with a chance to test their skills in PvP (Player versus Player) matches, participate in global and local tournaments and receive a prize of real value in cryptocurrency.​​​​​​​