10% RS : TechBench : ICO (till 15 November 2017!)

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Till 15 November 2017


Reward to our affiliates: 10% Revenue Share (from token sales)


Advantages to affiliates:


Advantages to clients (investors):


Why TechBench?

Link - https://techbench.me/

TechBench combines the best features of an IT professional social media platform with an interactive crowdfunding site. The model promotes professional collaboration on projects and active project management by developers.

TechBench model is a ground breaking approach for promoting startups and creating early bird investment opportunities. The new model takes a different route than the traditional freelance web portals. The new approach is precise, and comprehensive solution to connecting investment and technical innovation.





Detailed review:

Initial Contribution Offering Terms:

1 TBCH = 0.001 ETH fixed price + Bonus

Pre-ICO Emission

(1st September 2017)

ICO Emission

(November - December 2017)


Who needs this platform?







Social network:

TechBench aims to become a recognized network for IT professionals, which many professionals will probably want to use as their public Internet profile.

The social profile will allow to provide detailed information about qualification, skills, work experience, projects in which the specialist participates and professional links with other members of the network.

Investment platform:

The system suggests which start-up is more attractive for investing, based on the financial possibilities of the investor and the funding trends in the categories which are interesting to the investor.

The investor can freely review not only the project documentation, but also the profiles of all project development team members, ask questions and keep in touch with the developers.

B2B recruitment services:

The ready-made recruiting solution which uses the database of website participants' profiles, providing professional HR tools for small and medium sized IT business.

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