How to Setup/Create a Reddit Account: Step-by-Step Guide

Having a Reddit account allows you to engage and share information on social media accounts. It opens up a world of possibilities for online engagement and information sharing, especially in default subreddits that align with your interests. With its diverse communities and extensive range of topics, Reddit offers a platform where users can connect, discuss, and explore their interests on default subreddits. Users can pop in to comment or share a link on various topics. From understanding the main page to discovering niche communities based on your preferred topics, we will guide you step by step on how to set up your own Reddit account and link it to your social media accounts. This way, you can easily post and share content that will pop up on your social media feeds. So, let’s dive into the exciting opportunities that await you on Reddit, the pop post platform where you can connect with a vast community. Explore the engaging content on various social media accounts and discover new discussions on the main page.

How to Create a Reddit Profile – Android Police

Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

Android Police provides detailed instructions for creating your Reddit profile, including how to customize your feed, disable autoplay videos, and navigate to the bottom of a page. They guide new reddit account users through the process, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial steps, such as setting up autoplay and custom feed. Just follow along and you’ll have your new reddit account up and running in no time. With autoplay and a custom feed, reddit users can easily personalize their browsing experience.

Required Information and Settings

During the creation process of a new reddit account, you’ll need to provide certain custom information and make some settings choices. Android Police covers all the necessary details for creating a new Reddit account, such as choosing a custom username, setting a password, and selecting your display name. They also explain how to add a custom email address for account recovery purposes.

Tips and Tricks for Optimization

Optimizing your Reddit profile can help attract more attention from other users. Android Police shares valuable tips and tricks to enhance your profile’s visibility. You’ll learn about adding a bio, customizing your avatar or photo, and highlighting specific interests or expertise.

Managing Privacy Settings

Privacy is important on any social media platform, including Reddit. Android Police discusses how to manage privacy settings on your profile effectively. They explain how to control who can see your posts and comments, as well as how to block or mute other users if needed.

By following Android Police’s step-by-step instructions, providing the required information, optimizing your profile with their tips and tricks, and managing privacy settings wisely, you’ll be well on your way to creating an engaging Reddit profile that reflects your interests and personality.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Reddit Account

To set up a Reddit account, follow these simple steps:

Find Out How to Start the Account Creation Process on Reddit’s Website

  1. Visit the official Reddit website.

  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button located at the top right corner of the homepage.

Learn About Choosing an Appropriate Username and Password for Security Purposes

  1. Enter your desired username in the provided field. Keep in mind that this will be your public identity on Reddit, so choose wisely.

  2. Create a strong password that includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Understand the Importance of Verifying Your Email Address During Registration

  1. Provide a valid email address during registration.

  2. Check your inbox for an email from Reddit and click on the verification link to confirm your account.

Follow Clear Instructions on Completing Each Step of Setting Up Your Account

  1. Customize your profile by adding a profile picture or avatar.

  2. Explore different subreddit communities based on your interests by using the search bar or browsing popular subreddits.

  3. Subscribe to subreddits that align with your interests to personalize your homepage feed.

Remember to always adhere to Reddiquette guidelines when engaging with other users and participating in discussions.

Signing Up for a Reddit Account

To set up a new Reddit account, you need to follow a few simple steps. Here’s how:

Access the Official Sign-Up Page

Head over to and find the official sign-up page. It’s usually located on the top right corner of the website.

Provide Necessary Details

Once you’re on the sign-up page, fill in the required information. You’ll need to come up with a unique username that hasn’t been taken by other Reddit users. Choose something catchy or related to your interests.

Next, create a strong password that includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. This will help protect your account from unauthorized access.

Lastly, provide an email address where you can receive important notifications from Reddit. Make sure it’s an active email address that you have access to.

Confirm Acceptance of Terms of Service

Before proceeding with the registration process, make sure to read through Reddit’s terms of service. Once you’ve understood and agreed to them, check the box confirming your acceptance.

Receive Confirmation Email

After completing the sign-up form, click on the “Sign Up” button. Reddit will send a confirmation email to the address you provided earlier. Check your inbox (and spam folder) for this email.

Open the email and follow any instructions provided by Reddit to verify your account and complete the registration process.

That’s it! You’re now ready to dive into all that Reddit has to offer — from engaging in discussions and posting comments to exploring various communities based on your interests.

Authenticator App Verification for Reddit Account Creation

Setting Up the Authenticator App

To enhance the security of your Reddit account, you can set up an authenticator app for verification during the account creation process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download an authenticator app: Search for an authenticator app in your device’s app store and download one. Popular options include Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.

  2. Install and open the app: Once downloaded, install the app on your device and open it.

  3. Add a new account: Within the authenticator app, look for an option to add a new account or scan a QR code.

  4. Scan the QR code: On Reddit’s account creation page, select the option to verify using an authenticator app. Then use your device’s camera within the authenticator app to scan the QR code displayed on Reddit’s website.

  5. Enter verification code: After scanning the QR code, you’ll see a six-digit verification code generated by the authenticator app. Enter this code into Reddit’s account creation page.

  6. Complete account setup: Follow any remaining steps to complete setting up your Reddit account with two-factor authentication using an authenticator app.

Benefits of Using an Authenticator App

Using an authenticator app provides several benefits when setting up a Reddit account:

  • Increased security: Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring both a password and a unique verification code generated by your authenticator app.

  • Protection against unauthorized access: Even if someone obtains your password, they won’t be able to access your Reddit account without also having access to your authenticated device.

  • Convenience: With an authenticator app installed on your device, you can quickly generate verification codes without relying on SMS messages or email confirmations.

By following these steps and utilizing an authenticator app during Reddit account creation, you can significantly enhance the security of your account and protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Stay safe and enjoy your Reddit experience!

Joining and Customizing Subreddits for Your Account

To fully enjoy the Reddit experience, it’s crucial to join and customize subreddits that align with your interests. Subreddits are like communities where people with similar interests can share content, engage in discussions, and connect with others who have similar passions. Here’s how you can make the most of subreddits for your account:

Joining Subreddits

  • Start by exploring default subreddits: These are popular communities that cover a wide range of topics. You’ll find them listed on the left sidebar of the Reddit homepage.

  • Search for specific subreddits: Use the search bar at the top to find subreddits related to your hobbies, favorite TV shows, sports teams, or any other topic you’re interested in.

  • Browse through recommendations: Reddit suggests relevant subreddits based on your activity and preferences. Check out these recommendations to discover new communities.

Customizing Your Subreddit Feed

  • Rearrange your subreddit list: Click on “Edit” in the “My Communities” section of the sidebar to rearrange your subscribed subreddits according to your preference.

  • Create multi-reddits: Combine multiple subreddits into one feed called a multi-reddit. This allows you to view posts from various communities simultaneously.

  • Set post sorting options: Customize how posts are displayed within each subreddit by selecting options such as “Hot,” “New,” or “Top” from the drop-down menu.

Engaging with Subreddit Communities

  • Participate in discussions: Comment on posts, ask questions, share insights, and contribute to ongoing conversations within each subreddit.

  • Upvote and downvote content: Show appreciation for quality posts or indicate disapproval by upvoting or downvoting them respectively. This helps curate content within each community.

  • Follow subreddit rules and guidelines: Familiarize yourself with each subreddit’s rules to ensure your contributions align with the community’s expectations.

Joining and customizing subreddits allows you to curate a personalized Reddit experience tailored to your interests. By actively engaging with communities, you’ll find like-minded individuals, discover valuable content, and have meaningful discussions.

Creating a Reddit Throwaway Account and Additional Steps

Creating a throwaway account

To set up a Reddit throwaway account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Reddit website or app.

  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button.

  3. Enter your desired username and password.

  4. Provide an email address (optional).

  5. Solve the captcha to prove you’re human.

  6. Click on “Create Account” to complete the process.

Why use a throwaway account?

A throwaway account is useful for maintaining anonymity on Reddit. It allows you to participate in discussions without revealing your true identity.

Here are some reasons why you might want to use a throwaway account:

  • Discuss sensitive topics: If you want to discuss personal or sensitive issues without linking them directly to your main account, a throwaway account can provide that anonymity.

  • Avoid doxxing: Doxxing refers to someone uncovering and sharing your personal information online. By using a throwaway account, you minimize the risk of being doxxed.

  • Test ideas or opinions: Sometimes, you may want to test out new ideas or express opinions that differ from your usual stance. A throwaway account allows you to explore different perspectives without affecting your main account’s reputation.

Additional steps for protecting privacy

While creating a throwaway account provides some level of anonymity, it’s important to take additional steps for maximum privacy:

  1. Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your IP address and encrypts your internet connection, making it harder for others to track your online activities.

  2. Avoid sharing personal information: Be cautious about sharing any personal details that could potentially reveal your identity.

  3. Be mindful of posting patterns: Try not to post in similar subreddits or communities with both your main and throwaway accounts, as this could inadvertently link them together.

Remember, while using a throwaway account can provide anonymity, it’s essential to still follow Reddit’s rules and guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful online environment.

Customizing Subreddit Subscriptions, Profile, and Feed

To make the most out of your Reddit experience, it’s important to customize your subreddit subscriptions, profile, and feed. By doing so, you can tailor your Reddit content to match your interests and preferences.

Custom Feed

One way to personalize your Reddit experience is by creating a custom feed. This allows you to curate a collection of subreddits that align with your specific interests. To set up a custom feed:

  1. Click on the “Home” icon located at the bottom center of the screen.

  2. Tap on the “Create Custom Feed” option in the menu.

  3. Select subreddits that you want to include in your custom feed.

  4. Give your custom feed a name and tap on “Create.”

Subscribing to Subreddits

Subscribing to subreddits ensures that their posts appear on your home feed regularly. To subscribe to a subreddit:

  1. Visit the subreddit you want to subscribe to.

  2. Click on the “Join” button located in the top right corner of the page.

Customizing Your Profile

Your Reddit profile serves as an online representation of yourself within the community. Here are some ways to customize it:

  • Add a profile picture: Click on your username in the top right corner > “User Settings” > “Profile.”

  • Edit your bio: Go to your profile > click on “Edit Profile.”

  • Choose a theme: Access user settings > select “Themes.”

Remember that customization options may vary depending on whether you’re using Reddit’s website or mobile app.

By personalizing these aspects of Reddit, you can create an experience tailored specifically for you, making it easier than ever before to engage with communities and discover content that matches your interests.

Successfully Setting Up Your Reddit Account

Congratulations! You have now learned how to successfully set up your Reddit account. By following the step-by-step guide and completing the sections mentioned above, you are well on your way to becoming an active member of the Reddit community. Remember, Reddit is a vast platform with countless communities and discussions, so take some time to explore different subreddits that align with your interests.

To make the most out of your Reddit experience, consider participating in discussions, posting valuable content, and engaging with other users. By doing so, you can establish yourself as a reputable member of the community and contribute to meaningful conversations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice from fellow Redditors – they are often more than willing to help newcomers navigate the platform.


Can I change my username after creating a Reddit account?

Yes, you can change your username on Reddit; however, it is important to note that this feature is only available for users who have purchased a premium subscription called “Reddit Premium.” With a premium subscription, you gain access to various benefits, including the ability to change your username once every 30 days.

Are there any age restrictions for creating a Reddit account?

Yes, according to Reddit’s terms of service, users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. This age requirement ensures compliance with legal regulations regarding online privacy and data protection for minors.

Can I delete my Reddit account if I no longer want to use it?

Absolutely! If you decide that you no longer want to use your Reddit account or wish to delete it for any reason, you can do so by accessing your account settings and selecting the option to deactivate or delete your account permanently.

How can I protect my privacy on Reddit?

To protect your privacy on Reddit, it is recommended that you avoid sharing personal information, such as your full name, address, or phone number. Consider adjusting your privacy settings to control the visibility of your posts and comments. Being mindful of what you share and with whom can help ensure a safer online experience.

Can I use Reddit on mobile devices?

Yes, Reddit is accessible on various mobile devices through its official mobile app or by accessing the website through a mobile browser. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms and provides a user-friendly interface for browsing subreddits, participating in discussions, and managing your account on the go.