The lay of the land

Concept #1: Reddit is made up of communities

Most social media platforms are based on “channels” that are controlled by a single content creator. For example, when you subscribe to a channel on YouTube there is usually a single person or company behind the content of that channel. On Reddit, you subscribe to communities instead of channels. These communities are called “subreddits” and are dedicated to a specific topic or type of content. We call them communities because they are places where people can gather around a shared idea, share content and engage each other.

Concept #2: Subreddits are democratic

Whenever a new post is is submitted to a subreddit, the community (and any Reddit users that are browsing the subreddit) can vote up or down on the submission. The posts with more upvotes rise to the top of the subreddit and submissions that receive downvotes move lower. Anything that is off-topic or breaks a community guideline may be removed by a moderator.

In addition to voting, the age of content also plays a factor. So if two submissions have the same score (upvotes minus downvotes), the newer submission will be placed above the older one.

Concept #3: Each subreddit is unique

Every subreddit is different, not only in what topics are discussed, but in the types of content that perform well. When you are engaging a new subreddit, it is your job to learn the rules and culture of the community. A deep understanding of the subreddit will allow you to create content that the community loves and generates positive results for your business.

Today’s Assignment: Choose a subreddit to focus on

In the first lesson, you subscribed to three subreddits related to your business. You can view the subreddits you are subscribed to by logging into your Reddit account and clicking on the following link.

For the three subreddits related to your business, take a few minutes to review the front page of each. Browse the content to get a feel for the type of content that is being submitted in each community. After reviewing each subreddit, choose the one that you think is most relevant to your business and has an active community. For the rest of Basic Training, you will focus on this subreddit as you learn more about how to contribute value on Reddit and leverage your contributions.